Providing the Code Expert platform to a large number of students and lecturers from many different areas and interests not only forces us to create a flexible and universal system, it also triggers progress and innovation in the areas of learning sciences as well as tools and technologies in CS education

Learning Sciences and Methodologies in CS Education

We are interested to find answers to the following questions:

  • How do students develop the target skill-set in CS programming but also in problem solving?
  • What form of learning activities results in the best knowledge transfer for given topics?
  • What early indicators are significant to predict the student’s performance?
  • How can we automate the generation of personalized learning plans to improve the chances of success?
  • How can we asses the quality and effectiveness of learning material?

Tools and Technologies in CS Education

We aim at integrating the following tools and technologies in Code Expert in collaboration with various research groups:

  • Gamification techniques for higher education in CS
  • New approaches to non-programming tasks and new question types
  • New auto-graders and feedback generators
  • Web-based visual debuggers and profilers for a wide set of languages
  • Various output visualizers and interactive plugins
  • Plagiarism checker integration