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a worry-free and platform independent online IDE that allows thousands of students at ETH Z├╝rich to work on open programming tasks in exercises and exams.

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Everything you need to learn to use Code Expert.

Code Expert makes learning and teaching computer science scalable. The Code Expert Guide guides you through the system.

For Learning.

Code Expert provides immediate feedback to students and enables them to submit projects that get automatically graded immediately as well as manually reviewed by tutors. See the student documentation to start using Code Expert as a student.

For Teaching.

Code Expert enables the generation of coding tasks in any computer language and provides immediate feedback via test, static analyzers, or any other means of automatic feedback generation a lecturer chooses to integrate. See the lecturer documentation for information how to use Code Expert in teaching.

For Science.

Code Expert allows us to investigate in the area of learning sciences, it can be used as a basis to create new tools and techniques that improve upon the current CS education and that facilitate new ways of interacting with students for specific problem areas. See research areas for research opportunities with Code Expert.